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"Dog’s Keep Quinn’s Pond Clean"

Dog chases goose
Dog chases goose

I was ready to throw in the towel in my crusade against the dog ban at Quinn’s Pond when I caught myself yelling at my dog, Muffins, for trying to eat her second helping of geese poo.

When Quinn’s Pond first announced the dog ban there was an E-Coli flair-up plaguing the water. Residents were temporarily barred from going in the infested waters while blame was put squarely on boise’s dog population.

It took weeks for the ecoli numbers to go down, despite the lack of dog presence.

Immediately I knew something fishy was going on. Although there were no dogs, there were a ton of geese in the water. It seemed like the city created a manufactured crisis to permanently ban our beloved canines from the Pond.

Ever since, I have been arguing for years that dogs don’t defecate while they swim. So we can’t blame them for the ecoli.

But Babies do, and we haven’t banned those from the water. Ducks and geese go number 2 all the time in the pond, but they’re not banned. Even I’m guilty of squeezing one out in the pond. 

When I saw Muffins gobbling up a green geese turd while we were at Ann Morrison, I looked around and saw dozens of dogs but almost no geese droppings. It was the cleanest area of the park. You could have walked around bare-foot, which I promptly did.

So here’s the E-coli solution: let the dogs back into Quinn’s Pond where they can clean up the mess left over by the geese..

Geese droppings are high in fiber, easily digestible and dogs seem to love it.

If you feel the same, please make sure to leave comments on other peoples Facebook posts to spread the message. 



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