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Boise Could Have It’s First Elected Dog Mayor if This Popular K-9 Unseats Bieter.

Move over Bieter and McLean, Doggy McDoggerson is a good boy and he’s running for mayor.

Boise's Mayoral Candidate Doggy McDoggerson
Boise's Mayoral Candidate Doggy McDoggerson

Doggy McDoggerson, a local Boise business-dog has announced that he’s running for mayor. The 7-year-old dog said through a translator that he’s ready for the job.

“McDoggerson knows Boise.”

“McDoggerson knows Boise,” his campaign spokeswoman, Miranda Simmons says. “His nose has been on nearly every telephone pole, fire hydrant, and sidewalk tree in the city. No other candidate has those credentials.”

If Doggy McDoggerson wins, he will become the city’s first Dog Mayor, and the youngest in history. Despite his age, McDoggerson’s campaign says he will technically be 56 in dog years.

"He will be 56 in dog years at the time of the election next year," according to Simmons. "After his first 4 year term, he'll be 84 in dog years."

The city council as well as the mayor’s office are fighting his candidacy, claiming dogs aren’t allowed in the building.

“If dogs aren’t allowed in the mayors office, then how can McDoggerson become mayor?” Steve Clarkson, a Boise city council member, said.

McDoggerson’s campaign says he is a certified service animal, so technically he can enter any building where traditionally, animals are not allowed.

“This is clearly a smear campaign against, McDoggerson,” Simmons claimed. “He is by far the most qualified candidate. Not only is he potty trained, but he can speak five different dog languages.”

"He is pro-spay and neuter, but he hasn't been fixed himself."

Councilman Clarkson, believes McDoggerson's stance on the spay-neuter issue will likely sink his candidacy.

"He is pro-spay and neuter, but he hasn't even been fixed himself," he said. "This hypocrisy, once exposed, will tank his campaign."

In response, McDoggerson released a statement calling out Councilman Clarkson for not getting fixed himself and claiming he, "Is not a good boy."

The little known candidate has been instrumental in dog park development around the city. As a citizen, he was a strong advocate for dog park expansion, like the Ann Morrison Park off-leash dog park, which is getting off the ground thanks to McDoggerson.

“McDoggerson will fight for not just dogs, but for humans too, Simmons said. “One of his campaign promises is to bridge the divide in dog to human relations through the Pooper Scooper Initiative.”

The Pooper Scooper Initiative will create a new city committee tasked with managing Boise's dog poo.

“He's pushing for doggie bag stands on every block. He'll also eliminate parking enforcement officials and task them with scooping up the poop instead of ticketing parked cars,” Simmons said.

McDoggerson is running as the Bull Moose Party candidate for mayor.

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1 Comment

Brooklynn Wood
Brooklynn Wood
Oct 06, 2021

I'm voting for him!!!

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