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Hunter Biden Earns $90k as Official White House Santa Claus

The President's son lands his first role in the Biden Administration

By Morgen Stuart - (Washington D.C.) - Dec 15, 2022

The Biden Administration's bid to secure a Santa Claus has come to a close. After weeks of internal review Hunter Biden, the President's son, has been chosen to don the Santa suit this year for all White House Christmas events.

The decision comes as the younger Biden has stepped back from his work in the Ukrainian energy industry. This new role will be his first paid gig in his father’s administration. Unlike previous presidents who have typically shied away from hiring their family members, President Biden has taken a different approach.

“People forget that under the previous administration, the former president's daughter and son-in-law were on the White House payroll,” a White House spokesperson said. “Hunter won’t be on the payroll since he will be working on a contract basis only.”

White House Christmas Tours

Among the duties expected of the official White House Santa Claus are autograph signings, lap sitting for children's Christmas wishes, family photos, and tours. However, unlike previous years, the Biden Administration is waiving the drug test requirement for this role.

"This an outdated requirement that we feel is no longer necessary," a White House spokesperson said. "The White House welcomes nearly 50,000 visitors every year during the holidays, so testing for substances won't be necessary. Hunter will need all the help he can get."

When asked, the spokesperson said there is still no word yet if he will appear as the official White House Easter Bunny later next year.

Another notable family member who worked during the White House holiday season was former President Barack Obama’s dog, Cheeto, who received $2,000 as the official White House Christmas pet. The only animal living in the White House during President Trump’s administration was a hamster named Barney who escaped its cage under the previous administration and has yet to be found.

Under the Trump administration, no Santa Claus was hired with the former President claiming no one could do the role better than him.

This year's White House Christmas theme is "We the People". Decorations include 25 wreaths, 77 Christmas trees, and over 83,000 lights.



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