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Boise Weatherman Fired for Accurate Reporting

Updated: May 18, 2019

"These consecutive accuracies has undermined our purpose," the Idaho Weatherman's Board said, in a press release this week. "It's not like us to report the weather with such accuracy."

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The weather isn't looking too bright for one local meteorologist. On Tuesday, KTVB fired Ronald Dougan, a beloved Boise Weatherman after he was disbarred from practicing meteorology.

His firing came weeks after he was censored by the Idaho Weatherman’s Association, who claim Dougan was guilty of a dereliction of duty.

"These consecutive accuracies has undermined our purpose as a state-wide organization," Renea Samson, a spokesperson for the Idaho Weatherman's Association said. "It's not like us to report the weather with such accuracy.”

Several Meteorologists had filed complaints against Dougan after his weather reporting was accurate up to four days. The Idaho Weatherman’s Association has a strict policy of only a half day of accuracy permitted.

“Violations are not uncommon,” Samson said, “but Dougan repeatedly reported the weather correctly on numerous occasions.”

Inaccuracies in reporting are rewarded at the association, with board appointed positions and lucrative deals with television stations. Most meteorologists work their way up the ladder by starting as a radio traffic reporter then moving onto the Paul Mitchell School of Meteorology.

Dougan quickly rose to one of the top spots for weather reporting in Idaho after landing a job at the coveted KTVB. We spoke to Dougan to get his take of the story.

“I have been predicting the weather correctly because I simply can’t keep lying to the people of Idaho,” Dougan said. “I’ve also had a metal rod inserted in my leg from a surgery I had decades ago and when it hurts I can tell you the exact weather patterns that are approaching.”

Dougan has plans to take the association to court. He claims they are violating his freedom of speech.

"Clouded by power."

“The Weatherman’s Association is an umbrella organization clouded by power,” Dougan said. “I’m hoping to get my license back so that I can legally practice meteorology.”

The Idaho Weatherman’s Association licenses meteorologists. Without a license, a weatherman or weatherwoman cannot practice in Idaho. Unlawful practitioners can face a fine of $5,000 and 6 months in jail.

“Maybe next time Mr. Dougan can make up the weather like the rest of us,” Samson said. “It’s just tradition and how we do it here.”

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