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Taco Bell Seeks Naming Rights for State Capitol

Updated: May 15, 2019

We've got the Taco Bell Arena, so why not the Taco Bell State Capitol?

This week Taco Bell LLC. released a press release announcing their plans to explore buying the naming rights for the Idaho State Capital building. The current license is owned by the State of Idaho which is set to expire. This means the name will be up for grabs.

The State of Idaho, which is seeking new means of funding has chosen not to renew their rights to naming the iconic building.

“It’s good for business..."

“It’s good for business and it’s frankly good old fashioned free-market capitalism,” State Congressman Ryan Moore of Idaho Falls, said.

A name change does not include image rights so Taco Bell cannot place signage on the property. However, the replica Liberty Bell, which can be seen on the steps of the capitol is included in any naming rights contracts. We can only guess what Taco Bell would name it.

Naming rights would require all official mentions of the state capitol to read, “The Taco Bell State Capitol.”

The minimum time for owning the naming rights is two years, but Taco Bell is seeking a, “...10-15 year commitment,” according to the press release.

Michelle Garuth, of Nampa, said she, “Don’t like the sound of Taco Bell State Capitol Building. I rather have it be the Simplot building or Del Taco building because I like their tacos better.”

The state is poised to make several million dollars a year by selling the naming rights, which could help pay for its unfunded programs.

“We’ve been needing a helicopter port for a long time,” Congressman Moore said.” And the bowling alley in the basement needs new pins, new bowling balls, and a better concession menu.”

The historic building was constructed in 1905 by out-of-state developers. Descendants of George Washington's family donated a pair of the President's wooden teeth to be placed in the foundation of the Capitol, where they still remain.

We emailed the Governor’s office for comment on this story. They have not responded.



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